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Weight Loss Surgery

Gastric Band fill Service

Many patients will know that following gastric band insertions will require adjustments to get the right amount of restriction to make the gastric band work. This is achieved by inserting a needle into the gastric band port to adjust the amount of fluid in the gastric band, much like tightening or loosening your belt.


Sometimes we may need to troubleshoot gastric bands or if you have had the band for a long time, it may need a `MOT' to get it back to working condition. We have had over 15 years experience in gastric band adjustments. Most adjustments can be done with a simple visit to clinic. Sometimes if there are problems with the gastric band, we can carry out adjustments under X-Rays to check if the gastric band is in the correct position and working normally.  


Gastric band adjustments are available at Spire Bristol and Spire Cardiff hospitals. Simply book a clinic appointment for gastric Band adjustments through our CONTACT page. 

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